America is facing
republic-ending lawfare.

Democrats and the far left are weaponizing the courts to undermine the Constitution. We exist to protect the rule of law.
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Democrats like to talk about diversity but actions speak louder than words. Every one of these highly qualified women and minority nominees faced Democrat opposition when they were nominated to be judges.

Founder Mike Davis is known as a “take-no-prisoners conservative eager to challenge the left with hardball tactics”

This is an existential moment for America. Leftists are attacking our God-given rights. The Supreme Court is the last line of defense. 

We fearlessly defend good judges. We effectively fight leftist lawfare to defend the rule of law. We identify, cultivate, and confirm constitutionalist judges who will protect Americans’ rights.

Best of all, we win.

Our Priorities


Protect good constitutionalist judges. We go on offense against those who weaponize the judicial system against conservatives.


Our tools connect grassroots volunteers with their elected officials resulting in policy victories that protect the rule of law.


Stop bad judges and confirm those who support the Constitution. We helped confirm the most Article III judges in the last 50 years.


“In the old school Republicans, it was the Federalist Society. In the new MAGA … it’s the Article III Project.”
Steve Bannon, former Trump White House Senior Advisor
“He's a confrontational Trump loyalist who has been floated as a possible attorney general in a second Trump administration.”
Washingtonian, 500 Most Influential People Shaping Policy
“Trump’s judge-picking guide appears likely to be Mike Davis … hyperaggressive chief nominations counsel during the Kavanaugh nomination.”
Ruth Marcus, Washington Post

“Davis, 41, is known as a take-no-prisoners conservative eager to challenge the left with hardball tactics… Justice Gorsuch privately called Mr. Davis ‘the general’ of his confirmation while Justice Kavanaugh referred to the former Senate aide as ‘a warrior’ on his behalf.”

“Mike was a critical hand while we were breaking records confirming President Trump's appeals court judges. He advised and helped guide our team to success through the Democrats' partisan antics during the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh.”

Sen. Chuck Grassley, Former Senate Judiciary Chairman

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