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The left is weaponizing the power of the judiciary against ordinary citizens. It’s time for an aggressive response. The Article III Project team has experience in all areas of government and knows how to effectively fight Washington.

Confirmation Battles

Kentanji Brown Jackson

In addition to actively placing constitutionalist judges, A3P actively opposes radical Leftist judges in the court of public opinion.

Notably, A3P opposed Ketanji Brown Jackson’s radical leftist track record leading up to her confirmation. We developed and promoted an ad highlighting her light sentencing record on pedophiles, driving thousands of patch-through calls directed to U.S. Senators.  Democrats ended up confirming her and ran home with their tails between their legs. 

A3P was willing to fight when no other conservative organization had the backbone to challenge a left-wing nominee simply because she was black and female.

“Judge Jackson’s 25-year record of leniency toward child sex predators is not only appalling, it’s disqualifying. ... Leniency isn’t just contrary to the law as passed by Congress, it’s a case study of Judge Jackson’s terrible judgment. She should not be elevated to serve on the highest court in the land.”

—Mike Davis
Amy Coney Barrett

A3P played a pivotal role in helping confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

In defending Barrett’s record, A3P was on the frontlines touting her bona fide constitutionalist background, consistently pointing news outlets and experts to reasons why the Senate should confirm her to the Supreme Court.

A3P added 15 lawyers and fellows to its team for the confirmation fight, cementing itself as a leader on the conservative side of the judicial movement. From the Second Amendment to abortion, A3P and its many staffers were the staunchest defenders of Barrett.

“President Trump could not have picked a better Supreme Court nominee. Judge Barrett is a Notre Dame law graduate who finished number one in her class and served as the executive editor of the law review. She clerked for the late, great Justice Scalia, where she was schooled in textualism and originalism.

—Mike Davis

Judiciary Tracker

We pull together data from multiple public sources to make it easy to access key information about the federal judiciary, judicial vacancies, and pending nominations. Learn More.

Women & Minorities

Democrats like to talk about diversity but actions speak louder than words. Every one of these highly qualified women and minority nominees faced Democrat opposition when they were nominated to be judges. Learn More.

Legal Fellow Program

A3P's Legal Fellowship Program currently has 10 conservative law clerks from Harvard Law School gaining valuable experience to win future lawfare efforts. A3P’s law clerks are the future of a conservative judiciary. We are expanding our efforts to Notre Dame this year. Apply Here.

Defense Of Freedom Initiative

Unsilenced Majority is an action arm of A3P that focuses on fighting cancel culture, advocating for free speech and diversity of thought. 

We mobilize grassroots support to counteract the effects of cancel culture in politics, corporations, education, and communities. 

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The Internet Accountability Project is an action arm of A3P concerned with Big Tech. 

We advocate for policies that: ensure online privacy, protect children and communities online, strengthen national security, and more. 

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The Article III Foundation educates the public about the judicial philosophy of originalism and textualism and promote Constitutional principles in government.

A thin conservative majority on the Supreme Court protects the nation from left-wing tyranny. Article III Project is leading the fight against vicious slander of the Supreme Court justices, the broader federal judiciary, and the rule of law.

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