One of Donald Trump’s rumored attorney general candidates is warning of a criminal probe into the former president's prosecutors if Republicans take back the White House in November.

Attorney Mike Davis, the founder of an organization advocating for conservative judicial nominees, said in an interview on Benny Johnson’s YouTube channel that if Trump is elected to a second term, there will be “severe” consequences for those involved in the criminal charges against the former president, including Justice Department special counsel Jack Smith.

"Look, I would say to Jack Smith that right now you guys are the hunters and on January 20th you're going to become the hunted," Davis said. "We need to give them retribution. And people are like, 'You can't do retribution.' Yes, retribution is a big part of justice."

In a separate clip shared by Johnson, Davis claimed without evidence that the indictments against Trump are part of "a criminal conspiracy by these Democrat prosecutors, these Democrat judges, these Democrat witnesses, these Democrat operatives."

"And guess what guys? There are going to be severe legal, political and financial consequences. We are not going to turn the other cheek, they can go to hell," he added.

Davis, who is a former high-ranking staffer for Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch, previously told Johnson about his plans if he were to be appointed attorney general by Trump.

"During my three week reign of terror as Trump acting attorney general before I get chased out of town with my Trump pardon, I will rain hell on Washington, D.C," Davis said on The Benny Show in September. "I have five lists ready to go and they're growing."


"And list number five: I'm gonna recommend a lot of pardons," Davis concluded. "Every January 6th defendant is gonna get a pardon, especially my hero horn man."


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