Donald Trump has been indicted in four separate criminal cases, tethered to the courtroom for the past month, and confronted by the embarrassing testimony of not just the former White House officials who worked for him but also by the porn star who allegedly had sex with him.


“The Democrats’ strategy was to win the primary for Trump with this lawfare and then have him so weakened by the lawfare that he would get crushed in the general election,” said Mike Davis, the founder of the conservative Article III project which has emerged as one of Trump’s most vociferous defenders. “So, we turned lemons into lemonade.”

A longtime Senate aide who helped shepherd the nominations of Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to confirmation, Davis likened the numerous charges against Trump to the many accusations – some of them quite dubious – against Kavanaugh. Rather than pick apart each accusation individually, he said of the Kavanaugh battle, “I lumped them all together and ran the dead chicken strategy.”

The goal of the poultry-inspired gambit: deterrence. As explained by Davis, the strategy is to make an opponent own their attacks and eventually become sick of them. “When dogs killed chickens, you would wrap those dead chickens around the dog’s necks,” he told the New York Post of the tactic now popular on the right. “And as those chickens rotted around those dogs’ necks, those dogs lost the taste for chicken.”

“We’ve been doing the same thing with this lawfare,” he told RCP, explaining how Trump allies have emphasized, for instance, how the daughter of the New York judge overseeing the hush money case worked as a Democratic fundraiser, rather than getting into the legal weeds of each and every charge against the former president. It is the sort of approach that suits the famous defendant.


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